Sunday, 1 November 2015

I made a thing! Part Two

So here I am again, with part two of I made a thing!

In my last post I showed you how I made some of those fancy book boxes you can buy in craft shops that cost an absolute fortune! I ended up making three of them for my niece and nephews for halloween and I wanted to show you how they turned out.

So as I said, my niece is a big Harry Potter fan so that became the basis of my theme this year. The previous years have all been along potions themes so I thought a change was in order. I mean, I could have done potions boxes and ingredients but it's all so similar to what I did before. Instead I decided to take the traditional sweets from the series and "make" those to put inside the box.

I picked three of the Hogwarts Textbooks from the first book, The Philosophers Stone, and painted the boxes to look like them. Before I started, I took the white painted boxes and covered then in tissue paper and glue to give them a nice, old book texture. Once I'd picked the books I wanted I did a google search for images of the covers, resized them and printed them out. I used acrylic paint to paint them in the colour of the book. I then used carbon paper to trace the deesign on the front of the boxes and filled in the detail with black and metallic paintmarkers. I personally like the Edding 780 ones, I think they have the smoothest and most vibrant coverage. Here's how they turned out: