Sunday, 1 November 2015

I made a thing! Part Two

So here I am again, with part two of I made a thing!

In my last post I showed you how I made some of those fancy book boxes you can buy in craft shops that cost an absolute fortune! I ended up making three of them for my niece and nephews for halloween and I wanted to show you how they turned out.

So as I said, my niece is a big Harry Potter fan so that became the basis of my theme this year. The previous years have all been along potions themes so I thought a change was in order. I mean, I could have done potions boxes and ingredients but it's all so similar to what I did before. Instead I decided to take the traditional sweets from the series and "make" those to put inside the box.

I picked three of the Hogwarts Textbooks from the first book, The Philosophers Stone, and painted the boxes to look like them. Before I started, I took the white painted boxes and covered then in tissue paper and glue to give them a nice, old book texture. Once I'd picked the books I wanted I did a google search for images of the covers, resized them and printed them out. I used acrylic paint to paint them in the colour of the book. I then used carbon paper to trace the deesign on the front of the boxes and filled in the detail with black and metallic paintmarkers. I personally like the Edding 780 ones, I think they have the smoothest and most vibrant coverage. Here's how they turned out:

Magical Draft and Potions: I found the image here - after I painted the box a blueish-grey colour I used the Tim Holtz mini blending tool to gentlty brush over some silver ink to pick out the details.
The Standard Book of Spells: I found the image here - the same process as the other book just brushing over gold ink instead of silver.

A Beginners Guide to Transfiguration: I found the image here

Once all that was done, I made sure to paint the sides with an old parchment effect to recreate the pages then set about filling them up with delicious sweets. Another google search helped me find a lot of templates for the various packaging.

So we have:

Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans - LittleFallingStar Deviantart - I filled them with TheJellyBeanFactory jelly beans and supplemented them with some of the BeanBoozled beans from JellyBelly which have really gross flavours so they get the true effect of the sweets.
Chocolate Frogs - Printyca Etsy - I love this template set, with the chocolate frog cards! I think they will come in useful! I found a Frog mould here. - For the frogs I used milk chocolate and filled them with a white chocolate ganache beacue you know... frog guts! 
Peppermint Toads - LoanLantern Deviantart - Like the chocolate frogs I used milk chocolate for the shell but filled them with marshmallow fluff mixed with a bit of peppermint extract.
Sherbert Lemonsthewishfamilyrobertson - Quite simple really, just opened in photoshop and added the text. 
Edible Dark Mark - A simple halloween lollipop bought from a highstreet store. I couldn't find a label and ran out of time to make one but it looks pretty cute!

I think in the end they turned out pretty darn cute! Though now I have to make two more as my friends spotted them and wanted one too!

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